Curriculum Vitae of Gwendollyn Ulrich-Schlumbohm



Master of Arts, History , San Diego State University , Summer, 2006 
Primary field of study: Women in early modern Britain Secondary field of study: Women in Colonial America

Bachelor of Arts, History, San Diego State University , 1999
Primary Emphasis: Teaching of History
Secondary Emphasis: Colonial America

Community Colleges Attended: 
Palomar College : Completed General Education Requirements to transfer to SDSU.
Grossmont College : Completed General Education Requirements to transfer to SDSU.

Coursework included numerous classes in United States History, World History, and Women's History. Additionally, I have taken classes in teaching methods for the 
Social Sciences, which emphasized teaching multi-culturalism, diversity, and multiple learning styles within the community college classroom.

Digital Multi-Media Skills/ Archives Used:

Microsoft Software: Windows, Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Power Point, WordPerfect, Early English Books Online, British Library Manuscript Collection,
Integrated Catalogue, SDSU PAC, Multiple Internet based academic search archives, University of Edinburgh , Scotland Library, Special Collections, Cass, and
General Collection, General Records Office Scotland , National Archives of Scotland, OPAC, and National Library of Scotland

Educational Philosophy:

As a student focused educator I believe it is imperative to teach critical thinking and effective communication across the academic disciplines. This can be achieved by
focusing on learning using a mixture of both traditional and non-traditional methods addressing and assessing each student and their particular learning style. By using a
multi-disciplined, multimedia approach to history coupled with individualized student evaluations, life long learners, as well as a few history fans will emerge. 

Conference Presentations/ Conferences:

Rocky Mountain Interdisciplinary Historical Conference, Presenter:  “Women, Witches, Sex, and Violence, The Witch Trials of England and Scotland,
1580-1730.” January 2002.

Teaching and Administrative Experience:

2007-Present Mt. San Jacinto Community College  - Associate Faculty
History Associate Faculty.

2001-Present Boyd Schlumbohm Consultants Incorporated - Researcher.
Primary fact finder, and secondary document analysis for a consulting firm.

1999-Present Temecula Valley Unified School District - Certified Substitute Teacher.
As a substitute teacher I was able to enter many classrooms and see specifically what did and did not work as both motivational techniques, and multiple learning
style management. By examining the better classrooms, I was exposed to the best teaching techniques, and able to evaluate what specifically made each assignment
or teaching element work in a classroom setting.

1993-1994 Luth Research Inc., San Diego California.
Supervised phone survey staff, demographics development, and handling of respondents and participants. Managed Satelite offices for various projects including
payroll, cash flow, and inventory management.

Research Abroad:

1999 London , Edinburgh
2003 London , Edinburgh
2004 London , Paris

Research Interests:

I have focused my scholarship on women's history specifically the realms of family, the body, and gender. While undertaking much of my studies I was struck by the
amount of information we can learn from the integration of the psychological and anthropological fields. I came to believe that the growing knowledge of the mind and
how it works, forensic psychology, can be a decided asset within the discipline of history, and that the information that can be gleaned using the methods of the forensic
anthropologist is more than simply enriching. These new methods of gathering information will enhance the perception and practice of history.

Masters Thesis titled: “Women, Witches, Sex, and Violence: The Public Torture of Women as Pornography in Early Modern England and Scotland ,

Professional Association/Memberships:

North American Conference on British Studies
American Historical Association


2000-Present Girl Scouts USA , San Gregonio Council,  Temecula, California
Service Unit Member, Troop Leader, mentoring girls and encouraging them to explore non-traditional career paths.

2006 GSUSA San Gregonio Council, Temecula, California
Pikes Peak Award for service to troop and Temecula Service Unit.

2005-2007 Temecula Valley Inline Hockey Association, Temecula, California
Board of Directors.

1999-2000 Women's History Reclamation Project, San Diego, California
Research Intern for a historical archival foundation. Formulated instructional media for the deducation of teachers and students based on historical data pertaining to
the early First Ladies of the United States. 

Personal Interests:

I am an avid reader of both fiction and nonfiction. I enjoy the development of research projects including unique historical methodologies. I intend on furthering my
education as work permits, with a PhD, as well as several forensic certifications. 
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